I Tube

I Tube, originally uploaded by victor_nuno.

Sometimes we find ourselves having to choose a way, among many, being this a difficult choice by not really knowing whether it will be the good one.
I guess our life is defined by all our choices, with our successes and our errors. It is more the attitude, that shows who we are.
Anyway, if we could foresee our future, life would be too boring :-)

A veces nos vemos teniendo que elegir un camino, de entre muchos, siendo esto una decisión difícil al no saber si será la correcta.
Supongo que nuestra vida se define por todas nuestras decisiones, con nuestros aciertos y nuestros errores. Es más la actitud, la que muestra quiénes somos.
De todos modos, si pudiéramos conocer el futuro, la vida sería aburridísima :-)

6 comentarios en “I Tube

  1. Es muy importante saber, creer al menos, que el camino lleva a alguna parte.
    Que existe una salida, una vía de escape, una solución.
    Para no quedar atrapado.
    Bonitas y nítidas geometrías la de esos tubos. La belleza puede estar en cualquier sitio si eres capaz de captarla.

  2. Unique and quite beautiful, dear. I like the angle the most,… it really brings out the colors and dimensions–almost as if they were 3-D!

    I also wanted to say that the words are very thought provoking and true. I completely agree; life is a series of lessons, and we learn from triumph and error. I suppose it is always better to experience each step without being able to see the next. :)

    (It makes moments much more memorable, when we have chosen the narrow gate. When we are able to look back at where we have been, and can smile through it all.) I think we appreciate things more, when working hard for them. :)

    And, you know, my sister passed away when choosing to save the life of that dog. Even now, I know in Heaven, she feels she made the right choice. Perhaps she might as well know, she could have done it a different way. But one can never go back and redo the past. We can only move forward. We can only learn from our own mistakes, and the mistakes of others. It is Life,… something precious, no matter what we chose. No matter how we chose. And we must smile, even in hard times. It just soothes the soul.

    Sending you a very big hug, tesoro mio!! Enjoy your night!!! :)

  3. Hace tiempo que descubri, casi sin querer, que en realidad no somos más que lo queremos ser. Y debido ello debemos decidir. Todos los dias tomamos cientos de decisiones.

    Muchos son los que dicen que la vida es una guerra. Y es cierto. Una guerra interior en el que cada batalla se desarrolla como una decisión. Una batalla que ganamos por el mero hecho de decidir.

    No existe la decisión correcta. Tan solo la duda de la decisión. El temor. El miedo al error.

    Si la vida es decisión y la decisión supone miedo.

    ¿Es la vida miedo?

    ¿Miedo a elegir el tubo correcto?

    Ws Sergio Altair

    It’s been a while since I found out almost without wanting to, that we are not but what we want to be. And becouse of that we must choose. Everyday we take hundreds of decisions.

    There are many who say life’s a war. And that’s true. A war from within in which each battle unfolds as a decision. A battle we can win just deciding.

    There is no a correct decision. Just the doubt of the decision. The fear. The fear to mistake.

    If life is decision and decision involves fear…

    … Is the life fear?

    … Fear to choose the right tube?

    Ws Sergio Altair


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