Relatividad de la distancia

It isn’t time relativity by what one starts, but distance relativity. One doesn’t measure in meters, or in km. but in minutes, hours, days. Distances disappear, leaving place for the measure of time, … the measure of life.

See where this picture was takenNo es por la relatividad del tiempo por lo que se empieza, sino de la distancia. No se mide en metros, o en km. Sino en minutos, horas, días. Las distancias desaparecen, dejando lugar a la medida del tiempo, … la medida de la vida.

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28 comentarios en “Relatividad de la distancia

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    This is Perfect!

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  2. Maravilloso el sentido de la foto, y el texto. Los colores son bellísimos y el contraste con los personajes le aporta un dinamismo genial. No se sabe si son olas de tierra o mar. Navegan por la vida. Enhorabuena. Afectuosos saludos

  3. Carmen, thank you so much. And yes, I’ve walked it. I can even say that it is a big part in my life already, in many respects (it’s a long story). It is something I would always recommend everyone to do. It is really worth it, at least once in a lifetime, whenever it is and regardless of the age. About the dryness, I really like it. It feels like leaving unneeded things behind.

    Monica, multumesc! Time being a measure of life, … there is another thing that changes while walking: the concept of time. It is not only distance. Hope I find the adequate photograph + text for this!

    Farl, salamat! Your visits are always an honor, and especially when you find something here :-) Best regards to all family!

    Francisco, muito obrigado! e também para o convite. Espero um dia a visitar Porto!

    Stina, … teşşekürler! also for the invitation. Your visits are always welcome, and especially being Turkish! (you would be surprised)

    Anitinmaria, muchas gracias, de verdad. Me alegra que te gusten los dos, foto y texto. Incluso a través de tus palabras le encuentro un mayor sentido al conjunto. Un fuerte saludo y que la tarde vaya bien

    … and, … thank all of you!. I will end up learning this word "thank you" in so many languages!!! :-)

  4. Hola, soy administradora de un grupo llamado Concepto, idea (Sólo FOTOS) y nos encantaría agregar esto al grupo.

    ¡Cuánto movimiento tiene esta foto! Qué bien integrados están los caminantes en la diagonal y qué buena combinación de ondas y rectas.


  5. I love the color of the photo~ No offence, did you photoshoped it? If no, then you are a genius~

    plus, your words are beautiful and meaningful, too.

    lol, i just noticed you add your name on the upper right corner~

  6. hello victor,
    how are you doing? you’re still taking lovely pictures, i see. :))
    i was kind of detached from flickr in the recent period and i unfortunately don’t expect this to change soon, but anyway, it’s very refreshing to come back from time to time and have a look at the touching work of several special people (including you). :)

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