Emerging angel | Ángel emergente

Emerging angel | Ángel emergente

It’s impressive how United Nations is sending SOS messages about our climate. That’s how desperate things seem to be about it. I wonder what would be needed for many people to react and change habits. An angel? Probably he wouldn’t be heard either.

Es impresionante cómo Naciones Unidas está enviando mensajes de SOS acerca del clima. Así de desesperadas parecen las cosas. No sé qué más necesita mucha gente para reaccionar y cambiar hábitos de vida. ¿Un ángel? Seguramente tampoco se le escuchara.


5 comentarios en “Emerging angel | Ángel emergente

    1. Inhah! What a nice surprise!
      Actually, there is a lot we can do and that is at our reach. It’s a pity that it’s more common to hear our read alarmist messages than real solutions, but there’s a lot we can do.
      I have come to the conclusion that if we, as citizens, don’t do something, nobody will do it. And in this respect on each thing we buy we are financing a determined way of understanding life. As extreme positions, there it’s depleting resources or respecting them.
      Hope all is right!


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